Spectacular Teacher Award


Teachers are very important people in the lives of all of our children. They are there to motivate, to inspire and often go unnoticed and/or recognized for their efforts!




 Do you know a spectacular teacher? Nominate him or her for the My Spectacular Teacher Award sponsored by Arts & Minds and Family Spectrum Magazine. One Spectacular Teacher will be selected each month and receive a $100 gift card to Arts & Minds. Plus, the student that nominated the winning teacher will receive a $50 gift card to Arts & Minds to select great family games. 

 Any spectacular teacher (full or part-time) is eligible – including classroom teachers; special education teachers; PE, Art or Music teachers; home school parent teachers and para-professional teachers. Students can nominate one teacher per month for the My Spectacular Teacher Award.

Applications are available at www.artsminds.com or you can pick them up at Arts & Minds – 144th & West Center Road in Harvey Oaks Shopping Plaza. Submit your completed applications to Arts & Minds, 14524 West Center Road, Omaha NE 68144 or drop them off at the store. You can also e-mail your applications to store@artsminds.com.