Guidance and Counseling

Guidance Program Goals:
        All students in the Omaha Public Schools will:
         develop educational objectives and career objectives consistent with
         their interests, personality, skills, career values, and goals
         learn effective interpersonal communication skills and become more
         aware of self and others.

The Guidance and Counseling program is comprised of 4 main areas:

I.  Preventative Guidance Curriculum (35-40%)
                social, career, and academic skills instruction
                completion and evaluation competencies

II. Individual Planning (10-15%)
                organize individual and small group guidance
                advise to family/student support programs
                attend SAT conferences
                assist in special education staffings
                consult with district support staff

III. Responsive Services (30-40%)
                individual and small group counseling
                family support/home visits
                crisis counseling/intervention
                teacher support
                consultations with community agencies

IV. System Support (10-15%)
                conflict management
                staff development
                advisory councils/community outreach
                research and evaluation
                building involvement, committee work, club sponsoring

For questions about the counseling program, or to speak with our counselor, please call
344-7147 and ask for Lalia Hart.